Virtually Destroy the Cold & Flu

The past year has been rough for victims of the cold and flu season. Doctors have seen a massive onslaught of patients battling severe cold symptoms, and some patients have even died from the flu outbreak. All the hand-sanitizer, flu shots, and chemical sprays are not going to completely prevent you from becoming the victim of this nasty virus.

What if we have a better way? What if there is an option that could literally save your life or prevent you from becoming another statistic in this ongoing battle with that pesky little bug going around?

While I do not claim to know all the answers, nor do I make any claims that nutritional supplements are the cure-all replacement for medicinal or medical remedies, I do believe God, the manufacturer of our bodies, has already prepared a way to help prevent disease and remedy our ailments.

One particular product that has significantly boosted my immune system, virtually eliminated cold and flu season for me, and helped me in so many ways is XFactor multi-vitamins with Aloe Vera. XFactor is a product from the great Plexus lineup, and I am a living testament as to how fantastic these vitamins are!

First and foremost, I have taken a number of nutritional supplements throughout my life, and some of them have been a bit harsh on my digestive system or ineffective. Not XFactor!

I actually started taking XFactor after developing a kidney stone that landed me in the emergency room. The doctor prescribed medication to help dissolve or reduce the size of the kidney stone in order to make it less painful to pass. He forewarned me it would still be excruciatingly painful, nonetheless, and gave me a second prescription for Percoset to help with the expected pain. He then informed me I would most likely develop at least one kidney stone per year for the rest of my life and the remedy would simply be to take these prescriptions when one develops and deal with the pain or have surgery to break up the stone.

Knowing what I know about Aloe Vera, I knew Plexus had a multi-vitamin with Aloe and began taking it. I kid you, not, within days of taking this product, I apparently passed the kidney stone without any pain whatsoever! And I had not even filled the prescriptions given to me by the doctor!

After going back for a follow-up, I shared that I had passed the stone and didn't have one ounce of pain thereafter. His response was, "Well, I guess the medicine did its job!" His reaction was priceless when I told him I didn't even fulfill the prescriptions but simply took Plexus' XFactor with Aloe, and that was the only change I made.

With surprise on his face, he simply said, "Well if that works, keep taking them."

There is no scientific proof that this product virtually eliminated or reduced my kidney stone. But, three years later, and I have not had one more kidney stone.