Who's the Boss of the CEO?

Everyone has an employer. There is a common misperception that "Be-Your-Own-Boss (BYOB)" means doing your own thing and not being accountable to a higher authority. However, this is simply not true!

We all love the idea of escaping the corporate paradigm or blue-collar killer known as a J.O.B., which in entrepreneurial terms means "Just-Over-Broke!"

But, who is the boss of the CEO? Who employs the self-employed? Who makes the rules when you are the top of the corporate ladder?

The answer is simple. Customers a.k.a. Clients, Consumers, Patients, Passengers, etc. (depending on what you call them in your industry) are the boss of everybody in your organization - including you!

No matter what company you work for or whose name is on the CEO doorplate, customers ARE in charge of your paycheck!

This is a common misnomer in light of the fact most CEOs make the big bucks while the rest of us minions do their bidding. However, if you have ever been a CEO or self-employed business owner, you quickly learn that sometimes being the minion is much more satisfying.

With big pay, big titles, and big positions, comes bigger responsibilities and liabilities!

The bottom line comes down to customer satisfaction. Without customers, EVERY business is destined to fail. And many have!

Customers are your employer at all levels. There is an old saying, "the customer is always right," and although I don't fully agree with that, there is truth to the statement. Not all customers are worth having, just the same as not all employees are worth what they are paid, and both can be terminated.

But, we should never forget that customers are the ones who sign our paychecks at the end of the day. Greater sales, greater service, and greater quality products are what keep customers coming back. And when they become repeat customers, everyone benefits first and foremost by having a JOB. Simply put, companies fold and people are laid-off when customers stop buying the product or services.